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Item No.: CS-VT6191CL
Type: Ni-MH
Capacity: 300mAh / 0.72Wh
Voltage: 2.4v
Color: Green
Dimension: 29.60 x 20.93 x 10.63 mm
EAN Code: 4894128112204
Net Weight: 15.0g / 0.53oz
Gross Weight: 40.0g / 1.41oz

Fit Model Essentiel B 8001496

V-tech LS6005, LS6005-16, LS6005-17, LS6181, LS6181-13, LS6181-15, LS6181-16, LS6181-17, LS6191, LS61, LS61, LS6191, LS61, LS6191, LS61, LS61, LS6191, LS6191-191 , LS6191-10, LS6191-11, LS6191-12

Part Number

V Tech BT183642 BT283642 2SN2/3AAA40HSX2F 2SN-2/3AAA40H-S-X2

Bateria P/ Vtech Ls6005 Ls6191 Ls6195 Essentiel B 8001496 2.4v -300Ah

SKU: 4894128112204
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