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Item No.: CS-PHM300MD

Type: Li-ion

Capacity: 7200mAh / 77.76Wh

Voltage: 10.8v

Color: Black

Dimension: 149.00 x 89.00 x 19.70mm

Net Weight:

459.0g / 16.19oz

Gross Weight:

609.0g / 21.48oz


Fit Model


  • IntelliVue MP20  IntelliVue MP30  IntelliVue MP50  IntelliVue MP70  IntelliVue M8001A
  • IntelliVue M8002A  IntelliVue M8100 FM20 FM30  Intellivue MX450  Intellivue MX400
  • Intellivue MX500  Intellivue 30  M8001A  M8002A  Intellivue 60 System MP20 System MP30
  • System MP40 System MP5  System MP50 System MX400 System M4605A Intellivue MP5
  • Intellivue MP40 Intellivue MP60 Intellivue M8000 Intellivue TC30 Intellivue TC70 ELI 380 ECG
  • 740 Select Vital Signs Monitor  IntelliVue MX400 Patient Monitor  MP20  MP30  MP40
  • MP50  MP60  MP70  MP80  MP90  M8100

Part Number


  • M4605A  989803135861  865297 866060 866062 866064 866066 M2702A M2703A
  • M8105AS M8001A M8002A M8003A M8004A M8105A M8105AT MB4605A

Bateria de Monitor Philips ( IntelliVue, System MP40, M8100 ) 10.8v

SKU: 4894128094319
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